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DIY Unicorn Party Wall Decor

unicorn wall decor

I made these printable unicorn horn and ears templates after decorating her bedroom. I’ve included these free unicorn face printables in this article. I think the cutest pieces are the unicorn eyelashes for the wall. I’ve included a free printable unicorn eyelashes template and unicorn eyelashes stencil as well.

9 Easy Paper Flowers Templates

9 easy paper flowers

I’ve included all my paper flower SVG and PDF templates and tutorials in this article for free. It includes everything – a rose template drawing, daisy templates to cutout, free patterns for making paper flowers, medium paper flower template and more!

Tissue Paper Flower Wall Decor

Giant DIY Wall Power

I was thinking about my daughter’s bedroom and how to make paper flowers for the nursery specifically. I ended up making paper flower wall decor for our bedroom as well. They were super easy to make. The hardest part of figuring out how to attach the paper flowers to the wall.

Free Gift Box Template

DIY Gift Favor Box

wedding favors under 2, easy homemade fall wedding favors
how to make a small gift box out of paper, nice cheap favors

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