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Strut your personal style with your daily brew.  Get this Starbucks cup SVG free and create your own coffee go-cup using the iconic Starbucks cup logo design dressed up in your choice of a Sunflower or a Disney design.

I love coffee shops, it’s the first thing I’ve always anchored myself with every time I moved, and I’ve moved a lot!

So, I thought I would do a little tribute project to my most frequented coffee shop, Starbucks.

I learned the other day that Starbucks is not the most popular coffee shop in every state. Apparently over on the east coast, there are about 14 states that are dominated by Dunkin Donuts and then there is Minnesota where Caribou Coffee is the most popular.  Probably because it was founded in Edina Minnesota, in 1992. 

While I have only lived in states dominated by Starbucks, I do love a cup of Dunkin Donuts (with cream and sugar of course!) every time I leave the west coast. I’ve tried making my own, but that sugar cream combo is some secret sauce. (The true secret is the sugar to cream ratio per cup size and the fact that the cream, 18% Dairy Pure cream not half and half, is dispensed by a machine so it is always the exact amount) The Caribou Coffee is great too but my favorite thing there are the blueberry muffins.

Perhaps a later post could be something with the Dunkin Donuts or Caribou Coffee logo if there is enough interest.  So, let me know what your cup of interest is, and we’ll see what comes of it. 

Or maybe, you have your own secret brew that you make before you leave the house.  You can still dress up your cup the Starbucks siren as she lures you towards your caffeine fix, or using these Starbucks cup free SVGs,  get wild and design your own coffee logo.  One thing is certain, you will always know which cup is yours.

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Materials for a custom Starbucks cold cups

Starbucks Mug or Cup – As it turns out, you can order a Starbucks cold cup straight from Amazon. I kind of like this steel tumbler version better. The steel tumbler gives the option to go hot or cold with my beverage.

Vinyl – Any permanent vinyl will do. I used something from this assorted set I got from Amazon. If it says it can be used for outdoors projects this is a good sign it’s permanent

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Starbucks cup SVG template – As it turns out, the Starbucks logo is not a perfect circle. I’ve created a few templates to account for this. The Starbucks logo sized ring, sunflower, and Minnie Mouse bow SVG templates are all available for free in my resource library.

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    How to make your own Disney Starbucks cup design in Cricut Design Space

    Please remember, you can only make your own Disney designs for personal use.  If you try to sell them, Disney is one company that will go after you for copyright infringement. 

     The easiest the design to make of course is Mickey mouse’s ears, so let’s start with that one. 

    Step 1.  Upload the templates from my resource library and select the circle.

    Step 2.  Measure the logo on your Starbucks cup (they do vary) and resize the circle template to the logo’s dimensions for your cup.

    Step 3.  Draw a Circle using the shapes tool and resize it into a slight oval.

    Step 4.  Resize and rotate the oval appropriate for the logo’s dimensions.

    Step 5.  Select both shapes and slice. Then duplicate the “ear” and flip it horizontally to create the other “ear”.

    Step 6.  Select both “ears” and attach them so they cut in place.

    Step 7.  Take the bow template from the set and weld it with the “ears”.  You can also make the bow template separately in another color and layer it on top.

    You can also make the bow template separately in another color and layer it on top.

    How to create your own Starbucks personalized tumbler template

    Step 1.  Take the ring template from the set and resize it to the logo’s dimensions on your cup.

    Step 2.  Using the text tool, create 2 lines of text. One will go on top and the other on the bottom of the ring.

    Step 3.  Change the font of the text. There are many fonts that work but I find typing in all caps and using Arial Black to be the most straight forward.

    Step 4.  Drag the text to the top of the ring and resize it as necessary.

    Step 5.  With the text selected, click on the Curve pull-down menu and adjust the diameter slider until the text fits on the curve. You may need to resize again.  Just keep at it until it looks the way you want, it’s a bit of trial and error.  But you can do it. 

    Step 6.  Attach the text to the ring.

    Step 7.  Do the same for the bottom text.

    How to apply the Starbucks personalized cup template

    After cutting your design, weed the excess vinyl.

    Then use transfer tape to transfer your design onto your cup.

    I find it easiest to align the center and then work my way outwards.

    Now that you have conquered these designs, don’t stop here.  There are millions of ways to decorate your own cup and it is the same process with Design Space: simply resize using the template and then make, cut, and apply.  I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Interested in adding some bling? Check out my Rhinestone Cricut Tutorial here.

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