Free Rhinestone Templates for the Cricut

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I felt the need to do some bedazzling the other day and decided to design my own rhinestone templates for use with my Cricut.

This was very much a trial project for me. By no means am I a bedazzling expert.

I mostly wanted something sparkly and I’m not a huge fan of glitter. Glitter tends to get everywhere and I have small kids and I’m constantly paranoid they’re going to get some small piece of glitter in their eyes and it’s going to scratch their cornea. Yeah, one of those one-off things I’m paranoid about.

In any case, I used to do quite a bit of bedazzling to my dresses but that was a different type of project altogether. This time, I bedazzled on a Starbucks mug.

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Materials for Rhinestone Tumblers

Tumbler – I actually prefer to use stainless still tumblers. I find the “color” on most of these insulated tumblers star peeling after a while and if that happens, then your rhinestones will fall off. I love these super affordable stainless steel insulated tumblers from Amazon.

Glue – I like to use E6000 for this project. It actually works great for all rhinestones on all surfaces including fabric. You can get this one with a fine tip and just apply small dabs for each stone.

Rhinestones – I used some rhinestones from a hotfix assorted kit. These are great because you can also use them on fabric as well.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – My rhinestone template SVGs are available for free in my resource library.

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    How to use the rhinestone templates

    Step 1: Cut the templates

    Sizing the templates for your stone is probably the trickiest part of this whole project.

    For the mouse ears in this tutorial, I first just cut a few examples with copy paper. You want the holes to be big enough to not touch the outer perimeter of the stone but not too big or else your crystals will be too spread out.

    I used a fresh light grip blue mat for this and cleaned up the scraps with a lint roller.

    Step 2: Prep your tumbler surface

    You can just simple wash it or swipe it with some alcohol. You don’t want any residue at the beginning of the project.

    Step 3: Position your template in place

    Since I used paper, I just taped it on with some masking tape. You could also make this with some non-permanent vinyl or transfer tape in which case you don’t need the basking tape.

    Step 4: Apply the rhinestone

    If you have a small enough tip on your glue dispenser to add a dot directly on the tumbler, that is probably the easiest method. Otherwise, you need to dip the stone in the glue first before placement.

    I actually found it worked best to just start with the center of the design and then freehand the rest of the outer most edges. This way, I had a starting guide but could make adjustments on the design.

    I admit, not my best work. Next time, I would probably use smaller stones.

    Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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