9 Awesome DIY Teacher Appreciation Cards To Say Thank You

There are so many awesome DIY teacher appreciation cards to say thank you.

With kids going back to school soon, I thought it was important to make a set of thank you cards for teachers. Although Teacher Appreciation Week isn’t until the first full week in May, teachers work hard all year round. Additionally, Teacher Appreciation Week often goes overlooked, so it can be hard to find teacher thank you cards at the store.

A homemade teacher appreciation card is a great, heartfelt gesture to show your son or daughter’s teacher how much you both care. If your child is going to be distance or e-learning this year, you can always email a free printable teacher appreciation card or send your DIY card craft in the mail.

In this post, I’ll go through some of the most awesome DIY teacher appreciation cards to say thank you. This way, you can make handmade back-to-school cards with your kids to thank their special teachers for all they do.

All of the DIY thank you cards for teachers templates and printables for the cards featured in this post are available for free in my resource library.

Crayon Box Printable Card

This crayon box printable card is a great handmade teacher appreciation card you can make with your kids. I made this with a yellow and green cardstock but the design can easily be done printed. Once you have it printed, you just need to fold it in place and write a thank you message to accompany the gift!

I love this free printable teacher card because the markers and crayons feeling is perfect to evoke the feelings of the classroom. Plus, it’s easy to add extra embellishments to the outside using a metallic gel pen.

To send this card digitally, you can sign it with a PDF or word processing program. Then, you can email the card to your son or daughter’s instructors.

Crayon Back To School Card For Teacher

Next, you can also make a crayon back to school card for the teacher. I made this card using my Cricut cutting machine but you can easily just print the design and customize it by hand. To get started, you can download this free crayon SVG template (use the printable PDF version of the file to print). Then, print or cut it out using your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine or by hand. If you have yellow, pink, and black or grey cardstock, you can print the template on colored paper.

Of course, you can also use this template as a free printable teacher appreciation card to color. You would just need to print out the template on blank white paper. Then, your kids can color it using colored pencils, crayons, or markers.

To create a card that opens, place multiple crayon templates right next to each other, so they touch. Then, cut them out so they stay attached together. Once you have the cutout, fold it in half. Then, you or your child can write a message on the inside!

Ice Cream Thank You Card

In addition, you can make an ice cream thank you card for the teacher. Since Teacher Appreciation Week is during the first full week in May, this is a great DIY card for the end of the school year! Undoubtedly, your kids will love the fun ice cream theme. You can write a fun message such as “Thanks for making this year scoops full of fun!”

To make an ice cream thank you card from scratch, you can use a fun waterfall card tutorial. Alternatively, handmade card kits, printables, or ice cream templates work well too!

Superhero Teacher Card

Additionally, a superhero card is another great DIY thank you card for the teacher to make with your kids. These teacher cards are great for toddlers, young children, or any student who is a superhero fan.

You can write a message such as, “Thank you for being a super teacher!”. For more details, check out my superhero magic slider card tutorial with free templates and print your free copy to get started.

Big Heart Teacher Card

Next, this handmade big heart teacher card is the perfect way to thank your child’s teachers. For this card, you can use a heart template and write a simple message such as, “It takes a big heart to shape little minds.” Definitely, this is a great DIY teacher appreciation card for elementary and preschool educators. For more advanced crafty kids, check out my waterfall card tutorial for more instructions.

Printable Apple Teacher Card

Coffee Gift Card Cricut Card

For Cricut Crafters, this is the perfect way to help your teacher keep up their energy chasing after all their students all day. Check out my Coffee Gift Card Template and tutorial for more details.

Kids Coloring Thank You Cards

If you’re looking for a simpler DIY card for your kids to make, check out all of my kid’s coloring thank you cards that you can just print and color!

Furthermore, you can also create a printable apple card for teachers to show how grateful you are for them. I love using these as back-to-school cards because they make great desk decorations the teacher can keep up all year!

Not in the mood to make your own? Check out all these luxury handmade cards from Hand Heart Cards.

Definitely, these awesome DIY teacher appreciation cards to say thank you are perfect to make at the start or end of the year. With printable, template, and card kit options, they’re super easy to make with your kids as well!

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