Free Buffalo Plaid SVG

This Buffalo Plaid SVG template is perfect to use on vinyl or as a stencil for all sorts of craft projects.

If you are Cricut or any other cutting machine crafter, buffalo plaid is probably the only plaid that can be made with a cutting machine. All other plaid designs are not well suited for a single layer template.

There are many ways to use a buffalo plaid design. I find myself using the template with different materials depending on the end effect I’m going for.

Buffalo Plaid Paper Crafts

The easiest way to use the buffalo plaid template is for paper cutout.

free buffalo plaid svg

Cutting out a paper buffalo plaid design is the easiest because you can just lift the whole design off the mat without additional weeding. I highly recommend using a fresh light grip blue mat for these projects. After you lift the main cutout, you can just use a scraper to loosen the scraps and then pick them up with a lint roller.

I find the standard mat to be too sticky for this kind of clean-up method in which case you have to sit there and pick up each scrap individually. Let me tell you, it sucks. Don’t go there.

Buffalo Plaid Stencils

Alternatively, you can make a stencil using this template. If you are using mylar as a stencil base, I recommend using at least a standard grip mat. Mylar is difficult to cut and need a bit more additional grip to hold it in place. You will have to pick off all the scraps in this case but then again, the mylar stencil is reusable so you only have to do this once.

The alternative is to make a one time stencil with stencil film. I only recommend this for smaller projects though. The stencil film is floppy so having a bigger designs makes it difficult to manage without transfer film. If you use transfer film, you have weed the the thing which takes a long time.

Vinyl Projects and Buffalo Plaid

I’d recommend doing a vinyl project or HTV project last with buffalo plaid. There is no way around no weeding the design. Even if you peel off the main piece, some of the scraps get stuck so I highly recommend weeding it first. This of course takes a while so I highly recommend to sticking to smaller projects.

free buffalo plaid svg

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free buffalo plaid svg

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