Free Numbers SVG Set

These number SVG templates are great for any cutting craft project.

I originally designed this initial set as wedding table decorations but ended up using the design for lots of other projects involving numbers.

I’ve included both the base numbers and the more elaborate floral version of the numbers templates in this set.

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Tips for using this Number SVG set

The floral version of the numbers SVG templates works well for any material. If you are going to make them using paper cardstock as I did in the photos, I highly recommend using a light grip mat for cutting. I would use a fresh light grip mat because the design is relatively intricate and might slip and snag with a less fresh mat. I find the standard grip mat a little too sticky and hard to pick up. With the light grip mat, I usually just loosen the scraps with a scraper and pick them up with a lint roller.

Vinyl and HTV work well with this design but it will involve some weeding. I wouldn’t recommend just picking off the whole design in one piece because some of the scraps will inevitably get lifted as well and becomes a tangled mess. I recommend just weeding the design and then using transfer paper to lift the main piece.

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free numbers svg

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