How to Make Envelopes

This is an overview of how to make an envelope for any size card including the standard A7, A4, square and long evelopes.

I make a lot of cards. What happens when you make a lot of cards is you gift a lot of cards. Sometimes when I make a super elaborate card, it seems a bit of a letdown to stuff it inside a plain cheap envelope.

So I created this reference guide for the most common envelopes you might need. Most of these can be made using standard letter sized paper with the one exception of the petal square envelope. You can make that one on letter sized paper as well but the envelope will be smaller than most standard square cards.

DIY Envelope Template

I’ve included all my templates (A7, A6, Square petal and Long envelope) in both printable PDF and SVG file formats for free in my resource library.

How to make an envelope for a card – A7, A6 and other standard rectangle envelopes

I cut my envelopes using my Cricut cutting machine but it can easily be done by hand. If you’re interested in getting a Cricut for cardmaking in general, I have a full review of what I think of each machine and some recommendations here.

After you’ve cut out the template, the next step is to fold the edges.

Depending on what kind of paper you use, you may want to score your lines first. I recommend scoring your lines for anything heavier than medium weight paper.

Otherwise, just align the corners and crease. I like to take my scraper and just scrape once along the crease to really secure it.

In terms of gluing the flaps down, any glue works, it’s just a matter of how long you’re willing to wait

I like to use polymer based glue which takes the longest to dry but is the most secure.

I usually just sandwich it in a book to let it dry.

how to make a long envelope

It is possible to make this using letter-sized paper but you will have to fold it differently than the standard letter-sized envelopes you buy in bulk.

I’ve included this template in my standard envelopes set.

How to make a petal envelope

I find the petal envelope to be the only way to make a larger square envelope using a standard 12×12 inch piece of paper. It also doesn’t require any glue although I like to add some anyways to make sure things stay in place.

First fold all the half circle edges at the corners.

Overlap each petal over the next one in sequence.

The last one tucks into the the first petal edge.

A Note on using the envelope svg

If you are using a cutting machine to make these envelopes, I left the scoring lines separate from the base template. Don’t forget to convert the scoring line/rectangle to a scoring line before cutting the project.

Also, don’t be afraid to get creative with the base template. You can add various shapes to create a scalloped edge or whatever pattern floats your boat.

Interested in other card making tutorials?

Check out how to write faux calligraphy on envelopes with your Cricut. All my free template and tutorials for cardmaking are here.

Interested in related project SVG designs? Check out my Premium SVG Membership:

diy envelope template

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