Hand Lettered Cricut Cards

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I made a set of glossy metallic accented Cricut cards with hand lettered sayings for all occasions. This set includes “Thank you”, “Happy Birthday”, “Love” and “Congrats” cards.

I love a shiny accent on a card. I’ve done a lot of foil accents but I had a set of glossy origami paper just sitting around and wanted to use it for some cards.

Unfortunately, it’s really hard to work with intricate cut designs with origami paper so I thought of a way to use it as the “negative” on a card and cut out the shapes onto heavier cardstock.

I thought this worked well. I even went on to hand letter some saying for different occasions.

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Recommended Materials for Metallic All Occasion Cricut Cards

Cardstock – I prefer non-textured cardstock because it is easier to work with. I made a couple of these with textured cardstock and if you look carefully, you will see there were a few snags with the machine.

Origami Paper – This is the foil colored assorted set I have from Amazon

Vinyl – If you want to make the letters from vinyl, it is probably easier. I made a couple of the cards with just Cardstock and it still looks great and wasn’t that hard. I bought an assorted set of vinyl for the ones I did with vinyl.

Glue – Here are a couple of my favorites for cardmaking.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – This set of 4 foil Cricut Cards are available in my resource library for free.

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    Tutorial for Foil Cricut Cards

    Step 1: Cut all the pieces from the template

    Step 2: Fold the base card. I don’t bother using the scoring tool. I just scrape with with something.

    Step 2: Glue the foil piece and cut out card on top

    Step 3: For vinyl, transfer the letters to a transfer sheet and scrape onto card.

    Step 5: For Cardstock letter cutouts, I like to dip each end of the letter in some glue and then dab it before putting it on the card.

    That’s it!

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    cricut card project with free svg cut file templates

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