9 Free Santa and Elf Hat SVG Set

Make all sorts of Christmas cutting crafts with this free set of Santa and his little helper Elf SVG set.

My kids still believe in Santa so while this lasts, I play up the whole story and get them to behave well for months leading up to Christmas.

I use this Santa and Elves SVG set quite a bit to make custom cards and decorations to constantly remind the kids that Santa is watching and that he will only bring toys to the girls and boys that behave.

This free set of SVG includes 3 Santa hat SVGs, 3 elf hat SVGs, 2 Santa belt SVGs, and a pair of elf leg SVG. (sung to the tune of 12 days of Christmas…)

These Christmas hat SVGs and more are available in my free resources library. (See link in menu bar)

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    This Santa vector set can be mixed and matched to create many different craft projects.

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    4 thoughts on “9 Free Santa and Elf Hat SVG Set”

    1. jahibbs@twc.com

      I’m having trouble finding the Santa hat, belt, etc. SVG

      1. Elf @DomesticHeights

        Send us an email at info@domesticheights.com with the name of the design you are looking for, and our elves will help you out.
        Happy Crafting!

    2. Cannot find how to download either Santa hats or Christmas lights free svg. Keeps running you in circles.

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