Chalkboard Vinyl Stencil Sign

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Chalkboard art is so much fun and is super easy to make with stencils.

The best part of chalkboard art is if you mess up, you just wipe and start over.

Free hand chalkboard art does require some skill though. But stenciling chalk board art does not!

diy chalkboard welcome sign

I made this cute Welcome Sign with some floral doodles. This stencil template is free and available in my resource library in multiple formats (SVG,DXF and PNG).

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    Materials for Chalkboard Stenciling with Vinyl

    Vinyl – I just used the cheapest roll of Vinyl from Amazon.

    Transfer tape – Amazon also has great deals on transfer tape.

    Chalk Paste or Chalk Marker – I love the assorted chalk marker sets which are super affordable. Chalk Paste is probably a little bit more messy to work with but tends to bleed less.

    Blank Chalkboard sign – There are so many great deals on chalkboard signs from Amazon.

    Template – I used my Cricut to make mine. The cut files are available in my resource library which you can sign up for at the bottom of the page.

    Tutorial for making chalkboard signs with vinyl stencils

    Step 1: Cut or prepare your stencil

    I like to cut the design into smaller pieces. This makes it easier to work with when transferring.

    chalkboard signs with vinyl stencil

    Step 2: Transfer stencil to chalkboard using transfer tape

    My tip here is to use as small of a piece of transfer tape as possible. One piece for each letter if possible. It makes it much easier to remove.

    You may need to pin the floating pieces down with tweezers as you remove the transfer tape.

    chalkboard signs with vinyl stencil

    Step 3: Flatten out any air pockets.

    It is really important to do this, especially around the cut out areas to minimize bleeding of the chalk paint.

    chalkboard signs with vinyl stencil

    Step 4: Color in the cutouts

    Either use your chalk marker or chalk paste on the cutouts.

    diy chalkboard welcome sign

    Step 5: Peel when the paint is dry.

    If there were no air bubbles, there will likely be no bleeding. If however there is some excess chalk paint that got under the vinyl, just use a moist q-tip to do some cleanup.

    The vinyl stencil that you are about to throw away also does a great job of cleaning up chalk paint.

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    diy chalkboard welcome sign

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