How to Turn Handwriting into Cut Files within Cricut Design Space

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Do you love to hand letter and want to turn your hand lettering artwork and illustrations into SVG or cuttable files.

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Hand lettering is super popular right now and I know many of my readers who love to craft have multiple interests so I thought I would combine two of my favorite activities together in one tutorial.

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    How to turn hand writing and drawings into cut files in Cricut Design Space

    Create you doodle or drawing. Be sure to use black ink on white paper. You want as much contrast as possible.

    Then either scan the image or take a picture with your phone. If possible, try to turn up the exposure so the paper looks as white as possible in the image.

    Here is my starting image for the Congrats card.

    Upload the Image to Cricut Design Space

    Upload the bitmap image that you took of your hand letter drawing.

    Select “Simple” when prompted.

    On the following page, use the “Select & Erase” tool to mark the background. Be sure to mark the enclosed areas of the loops in the letters. Everything that is not the letter should have a checkered background.

    Save this as a “Save as a Cut Image”.

    Slicing the Extras off in Cricut Design Space

    After the uploaded image has been inserted, you will notice there is a small stray mark by the bottom loop.

    We want to slice this piece off.

    To do this, create a shape that covers the mark. This this scenario the circle works well.

    Zoom in so you can see clearing and make sure the shape covers the mark without touching the letter.

    Select all elements and slice. Then delete all pieces leaving only the letters.

    That’s it!

    free cricut card designs

    The cleaner the original illustration is, the easier this will be within Cricut Design Space. My hand lettering is still a little rough, the actual SVG file in the cards I’ve included has some post editing done in a different software program.

    Happy Hand Lettering!

    Just getting started with the Cricut?

    If all of this seems overwhelming, check out my quick reference ebook Cracking the Cricut. I provide a comprehensive overview of Cricut Design Space for all devices:

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