DIY Fairy Jar

This is a tutorial for how to make a fairy jar night light from a mason jar.

My kids have been sleeping with the lights on for the past few months. They seem to be going through a nightmares phase and prefer to have the nights on. While we have a dimmer, it’s still a little too bright for my taste so I thought I’d make them a little something special to keep them company at night.

These fairy lanterns can be made with any mason jar or if you’re like me, I save all my marinara and other jars and reuse them for DIY projects like this.

It was actually really quite a simple project. So simple, I’m considering having my kids make it themselves. I cut out the silhouettes using my Cricut machine but I have a few designs that are simpler and can be done by hand.

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Materials for DIY fairy lanterns

Mason Jars – I tried a few different jars and decided the smooth surface mason jars worked the best. But then again, if you have a bunch of old sauce jars, it’s always better to recycle than to buy new ๐Ÿ™‚

Cardstock – I used black and green cardstock from this assorted set. This isn’t critical that you use cardstock. Again, if you have some old magazines or even construction paper, anything works. I’d just suggest a dark color for the fairies.

Glue – I used Elmers because I like the finish for this project. Mod Podge Matte also works.

Brush or sponge – you will need something to spread the glue around.

Lights – I used battery operated tea lights for this project which I highly recommend. LED light strings also work as well if you want more of a firefly effect.

Epsom Salt – This is optional but if you want an extra frosted look, Epsom Salt works great for this project.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Templates – This set of Fairy silhouettes and vines are available in SVG and printable formats for free in my resource library.

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    How to make DIY mason jar fairy lights

    Step 1: Cut out the fairies and vines from the template

    The first thing you want to do is prepare your cutout. There no need to add all the extras if you just want a simple fairy mason jar.

    I used a fresh light grip mat with my cutting machine to cut these shapes. I would recommend it rather than the standard grip mat for easier cleanup.

    Step 2: Apply a layer of glue on the inside of the jar

    I like to squirt some glue on the inside and just spread it around with a brush. A quarter sized amount of glue for a 16oz bottle is plenty. You don’t want to add too much or it will pool on the bottom and take forever to dry.

    Step 3: Add the fairy cutouts to the jar

    I like to just drop them in and then sort of scoot and pat them into place using the brush.

    Once your cutouts are in place, do a little touch up gluing if you need it.

    Step 4: Optional Epsom glue frosting

    If you want an extra frosted look, add a layer of glue on the outside and sprinkle with the salt.

    It will take about a day for the whole thing to completely dry depending on your climate.

    After it has dried, I would then add the extras like the vines, floral wire, additional floral pieces, etc.

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    6 thoughts on “DIY Fairy Jar”

    1. Janine

      Hi, i am a newbie and i cant seem to find the fairy svg ๐Ÿ™

      1. Hi there, the fairies set is towards the end of the “other” section on my “free resources” page. (see link in menu bar) hope that helps!

    2. Teri Giron

      is the epsom salt inside or outside the jar? Thank you.

    3. Peggy Sheehan

      Love the look of the Epsom Salts…but how do you get it to not “flake off”?

      1. Elf @DomesticHeights

        Hi Peggy,
        You can do a final seal with acrylic spray glue if you want but Ilyssa generally just leaves it be.

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