Easy DIY Flower Garland

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Paper flower garlands can be easy to make and are the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

The trick to easy paper flower garlands is designing the foliage and paper flowers so that it minimizes assembly work.

I manage to create a vine like leaf design that you can just twist around a ribbon, string or even floral wire without having to attache every single piece.

I also used my rolled paper flower designs to make 2-3 inch wide 3D flowers that were the perfect accent on this vine.

There is really no need to pay for overpriced garlands when you can just customize your own to fit your decor needs.

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Materials for DIY paper flower garland

Paper – I would recommend copy paper for garlands. They are stiff enough to cut but lightweight enough to hang. Hammermill makes them in a variety of colors. You could get away with medium weight cardstock which is what I used in the photo but you might have to do a little more to secure the flowers. Here are some of my favorite cardstock brands:

Hot Glue Gun – You will need to glue the rolled flowers to its base and then all the flowers and vines to the ribbon or string.

String, Ribbon or Floral wire – I actually used a ribbon here and was able to staple all the piece on which made it go even faster.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Paper flower garland template – The full set of rolled paper flowers along with the vines and leaves are available for free in both SVG and printable formats in my resource library.

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    Paper flower garland tutorial

    First, cut out all the piece either by hand or with a cutting machine.

    To make a 2 to 3 inch flower, I sized the rolled flower template to about 8 inches wide. This fits perfectly on letter-sized paper so you can make about 1 flower per sheet.

    If you cutting this using a Cricut, I recommend a fresh light grip mat. It makes clean up a lot easier and goes so fast.

    First attach the vines to the ribbon or string. They are curved so I just intertwine the ribbon with the vine and attach both ends with either glue or a staple.

    Next, start rolling your flower cutouts with the outer most end. I like to start the roll and pin the center with a paper clip but that part is optional.

    Create a tight roll but let it out a bit after applying glue to the base tab. A looser rolled flower looks better in garlands.

    Press the spiral petal down on the base for 10 seconds and it should be set.

    Attach the flowers to the vine either with a glue gun or staples and you’re all set!

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