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Want free Disney SVG files for Cricut Design Space? Just make your own!

We are getting ready to take our kids to Disneyland for the first time and I wanted to make some shirts for everyone in the family.

I was looking around online for some Disney inspired cut files and I realized I could just make this WITHIN Cricut Design Space for FREE.

free disney svg

How to make a Free Mickey Mouse SVG in Cricut Design Space

It really doesn’t get any easier than this. That Mickey Mouse silhouette is everywhere and essential to any Disneyland related gear.

free disney svg

Start with a circle shape using the Shape tool. Duplicate this circle to make 2 ears.

Then create one more circle and enlarge it for the face.

Select all 3 elements and weld.

Then using your shapes tool, create a long rectangle from the square shape.

free disney svg

Position the rectangle over the bottom half of the face. Select both elements and slice.

Delete the rest of the rectangle along with one of the half circle pieces.

Recolor the remaining half circle.

free disney svg

Create another 2 circles using the shapes tool. Position them at the top of the half circle.

Depending on what you want to do with the end design, you can either slice or attach the button.

How to make Minnie Mouse svg – free in Cricut Design Space

Minnie Mouse is almost as easy as Mickey. The key different is the bow.

free disney svg

To make a bow, start with a circle and heart shape.

Alter the circle so it is a vertical oval. Make sure the tallest part of the oval is the same as the width of the hear. You can just type this in to make sure it is more accurate by using the Size Tool on the top panel.

Position the over the sideways heart so the tallest parts align.

Weld both shapes.

Duplicate this tear drop and Flip Horizontal.

free disney svg

Create another tall oval using the circle shape. Depending on what you want to do with the design, either weld it over the 2 bow ends or position it over the area and slice.

Remember, you can only slice 2 things at one time. After slicing the bow end, select all the components of the middle oval and weld.

Free Castle and Bow SVGs

To make the rest of the graphics in my example, you will need a castle and bow svg.

I have included the castle, bows and sunglasses SVGs for free in my resource library. Sign up for my templates and tutorials newsletter and get access to these freebies and tons more:

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    free disney svg files for cricut

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