How to Make Cricut Wedding Invitations

This is a tutorial for making Cricut print and cut invitations.

One of the areas that where you can save the most is in making your own invitations. I’ve had friends that spend thousands of dollars on their invitations. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I just looked at it for about 5 seconds and then tossed it in a drawer.

The Cricut almost pays for itself if you made your own invitations with it. You can create and design everything within the Cricut Design Space app. Alternatively, you can also do this with any editor like Google Docs, Slides, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

In this tutorial will demonstrate how to do design, then print and cut wedding invitations within the Cricut Design Space app using this watercolor vellum invitation example.

This sheet of paper by the way costs less than 10 cents.

The same thing can be done with other editors, you will just have to cut it by hand.

You can also pair this with an intricate floral sleeve. I have a separate tutorial on how to cut these using a Cricut along with a set of free templates.

If you are interested in this DIY wedding invitations project and would like this peach watercolor swatch or the wedding sleeve templates to give it a try yourself, they are both available for free in my resource library.

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    Materials for Cricut Wedding Invitations

    Vellum Inkjet Paper – This is a special transparent paper that can be used for printing. This is the set from Amazon I used for this example. You can always use traditional white cardstock as well.

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    Transparent PNG graphic – A more accurate description is probably just a graphic element with the background removed. If you are interested in the watercolor example, I have a watercolors textures kit available in my online shop.

    Tutorials for how to make your own wedding invitations with the Cricut

    The first thing you need to do is decide on the graphics if you want to use any at all. Transparent PNG graphics are great for designing your own invitations. They are bitmap format image with the background already removed. It makes laying out and overlapping images and text so much easier.

    Upload the invitation graphics Transparent PNG

    When uploading the transparent PNG, be sure to select complex to preserve the details of the design.

    On the following page, there is no need to select and erase anything. The Select and Erase function in Cricut Design Space is not very precise so it is important to upload a PNG image that with the background already removed.

    Save the image as “Save as a Print Then Cut Image”.

    Slicing the Graphic in Cricut Design Space

    This next part is super subjective and there are so many possibilities for what you can do. Once the graphic has been upload to the canvas, you can duplicate, rotate, resize… as you see fit.

    In this example, I just duplicated the swatch and placed it in 2 corners. The great think about abstract graphics is almost anything looks good.

    Create a Rectangle using the square shape tool and size it to what you prefer using the dimensions tool in the top panel.

    I select “Print” as the fill for rectangle and color it white.

    Place the Rectangle over the graphics and slice 2 elements at a time. Delete the extra pieces outside the rectangle.

    Select all the internal white pieces of the rectangle from the right panel and weld them back together.

    Then rearrange the graphics layers by selecting the rectangle and “Send to Back” using the Arrange function in the top panel.

    Now Flatten the graphics together.

    Creating Text for the Cricut Wedding Invitation

    Use the text tool to create the text overlay.

    A few things to keep in mind… when you are done creating the text, make sure everything is attached and set the Fill = Print. I select black as the color for text but you can do any color or pattern fill.

    Do not forget to select all the text and “Flatten”. If you do not do this part, the Cricut will attempt to slice all the letters.

    Be sure to attach the text and graphics together and then Flatten.

    A Few Additional Tips for your Cricut Wedding Invitations

    The default bleed setting for Print and Cut on the Cricut is on. They add extra colored patting around the cut line in case the cutting doesn’t happen perfectly.

    Don’t be thrown off if you see a weird extra line around the perimeter of the design.

    However, if any of the internal text or images have weird lines or are super fat, it usually means you did that flatten that part of the fill was not set to print.

    Different vellum brands also have different levels of opacity. Each printer is different. I do find at times the scanning mechanism has a card time on vellum print and cut projects. I usually just use a black market and trace over the alignment lines which does the trick.

    Worst-case scenario, I just cut the rectangle by hand.

    Good luck!

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