Glass Block Crafts Ideas For Cricut Projects

This is a tutorial for how to decorate glass blocks with vinyl.

I’ve had this glass block sitting in my pile of random craft supplies I like to hoard for a while. I’ve been meaning to make something with it but didn’t feel like doing a generic image or a family monogram like everyone else mostly because I already have a ton of those in other forms sitting around.

I decided to make a new family tree graphic to demonstrate how easy it is to make you own custom glass block decor piece for your home with just a little bit of vinyl.

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Materials for Glass Block Crafts

Glass Block – I would recommend going with the original Kraft Glass Block. It is perfect for any project theme.

Vinyl – I used a few sheets from an assorted set of permanent vinyl sheets I had. Don’t be afraid of the permanent vinyl, it’s not hard to get off with a little heat if you mess up. I have a separate tutorial on how to clean up vinyl here.

Transfer tape – Any brand will do.

Lights – I would recommend battery powered fairy lights for most glass block projects. That way, the block is not tethered to an outlet (which is what I had to do for the photo and it doesn’t look good)

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – This family tree graphic is available for free in both SVG and printable PDF formats in my free resource library.

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    How to apply vinyl to glass

    First, gather all your supplies. You will need your vinyl cutout, the glass block and some transfer tape that can cover your cutout.

    I cut my vinyl decal using my Cricut cutting machine and weeding the image with tweezers. I also chose to do 3 layers of vinyl; the base black tree, the red hearts and then the white names.

    There are other ways to rearrange the vinyl layers but I find separating it out by colors to be the most straight forward.

    Getting the decals onto the glass can happen in 2 ways. You can either transfer each layer individually. Alternatively, you can add everything to the transfer paper and then add it to the glass.

    I find adding layers one by one from the bottom most layer first to be the easiest. I like going in this direction because I can then make minor adjustments to where the subsequent vinyl layers are positioned.

    Depending on your vinyl brand and the transfer tape, you may need to do a little scraping on top of the transfer tape. I find it is easiest to do a little starting scrape on the edge I am to peel off first and that is usually enough to get it started.

    Christmas Glass Block Craft Ideas

    In addition, you can also make winter holiday and Christmas glass block craft ideas. For example, you can turn these glass blocks into different colored presents by adding colored lights and bows to the top. On the inside, you could include a warm holiday greeting as well.

    If you have two different-sized glass blocks, you can also use them to make a snowman. For this DIY glass block craft, I usually add buttons, a mouth, nose, and smile. Then, I use scrap felt to make a cozy hat and scarf. Similarly, you can make penguin glass block crafts by adding a nose and a beak.

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