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Any Halloween decor effort just isn’t complete without a spider web silhouette cutout.

Halloween this year with quarantine measures still in place is a little sad for the kiddos.

Since trick or treating wasn’t really going to happen in full force, I thought I’d try and make up for it a bit with some extra Halloween decorating around the house.

The funny thing about spider webs is they are actually all around the house, just not the kind I’m interested in for decor.

I much prefer these paper and vinyl cutout spiderweb silhouettes rather than the real deal in the corner of the room.

spider web svg

This set of spiderweb SVG templates and spider web clipart PNG files are all free and available in my free resource library.

How to decorate with these spiderweb silhouettes

Everyone loves to use the cotton web spider web material for decorating but I find it actually a little disconcerting because it looks too close to the real thing and I have nightmares of accidentally walking into a huge spider web. Plus, it’s really hard to clean up if you’ve spread the cotton really thin.
vector spider web.

spider web svg

I prefer to make my spiderweb decor using either cardstock or removable vinyl and cutting it with my Cricut.

For larger spiderweb cutouts, you can cut out the corner spider web SVG 4 times and piece it together to make a gigantic spiderweb.

Add some of these other Halloween themed templates to make your project even more festive.

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  1. confused

    where is the link to the spiderweb cut file? It says in library, but when I search it brings me back here – other links to other files…. but not spiderweb – what am I doing wrong?

    1. Elf @DomesticHeights

      Please drop us an email on info@domesticheights.com with the name of the design you are looking for, and we will send you the link.

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