Paper Flowers

Floral Letters DIY

floral letter diy

Whether you are making floral letters for weddings or a party centerpieces, making them with paper flowers is the way to go. They last forever and can be made way ahead of time.

Easy Crepe Paper Streamer Flowers

streamer paper flower

Easy streamer paper flower as a great crepe paper substitute. When you are making party paper flowers, you just can’t afford expensive full sheets of the stuff.

Tissue Paper Flower Wall Decor

Giant DIY Wall Power

I was thinking about my daughter’s bedroom and how to make paper flowers for the nursery specifically. I ended up making paper flower wall decor for our bedroom as well. They were super easy to make. The hardest part of figuring out how to attach the paper flowers to the wall.

Free Daisy Flower Template

I love making this paper daisy flower plant. It was a bit challenging making these daisy templates to cut out. I’ve included the daisy template pdf and svg files in this tutorial. These are free printable daisy flower templates.

How to Make a Calla Lily (with free templates)

DIY calla lily

I made a free pattern for paper calla lily the other day because it was so easy and simple. I’ve included my own calla lily leaf template in this tutorial. It is ideally a paper foam flowers template although crepe paper works just as well.

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