5 DIY Gifts for Men

Whether it’s for Father’s Day, your Dad’s birthday or just a gesture of appreciation for the guy in your life, nothing beats a handmade gift made with love.

Most guys I know just buy whatever it is they want or they are saving up for it if it is too expensive. I rarely encounter someone who just an elaborate hand sewn toolkit apron or some fancy centerpiece that took you all weekend.

When it comes to handmade gifts and guys, I’ve found the simpler the better. They don’t have the imagination for some elaborate crafted item. Just like everyone else, they want to know someone cares.

Simplicity is the key for crafted gifts for men. A nice mug, keychain, something they can use everyday but isn’t much of a burden if it doesn’t fit into their routine already.

I’ve created a set of SVG and printable templates that are interchangeable for a number of different projects.

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    Here are a few ideas for homemade gifts that guys will actually like:

    Handmade Cards for Guys

    Nothing beats a funny personalized card that you made by hand. Check out all my cards for guys ideas and templates.

    Handmade Cuff Link Gifts for Dad

    These cuff links are made with polymer clay and are way easier than you might think. I put silhouette cutouts of my kids on them but you can put any decal or decorative icon on there. Here’s the full tutorial on how to make custom cuff links.

    I’ve always found cuff links to be a great gift because it’s something they never think to buy. Even if they rarely wear them, it’s just something nice to have around and it lasts forever.

    DIY Leather Tray

    This is just a simple template, no sewing involved, just cut it out of some recycle leather or faux leather. You can add an optional monogram if you want. Or it just looks like as is. Here’s my tutorial for a simple no-sew leather tray.

    DIY Rustic Coasters for a manly handmade gift

    The best part is you don’t even have to chop your own wood. Amazon has these coasters all taken care of for you. You just have to put a fun decal on them.

    There are many different ways to decorate your coaster. I would suggest my tutorial on how to iron HTV on wood or how to stencil on wood. Those would be the two easiest ways to make these coasters.

    DIY custom apron for the grillmaster

    Is your guy’s idea of cooking anything that can be put on a grill? Get him a nice apron and iron on something funny. I like this pin striped apron blank from Amazon.

    When in doubt, go with a custom mug for him

    You can’t fail with a beverage tumbler or mug. My husband loves loves loves those Yeti mugs. You can get them in any color from Amazon. I have to say, they are amazing; super sturdy and keeps your beverage hot/cold for hours.

    Make him a personalized Yeti tumbler with your free templates and he will think of you every time he takes a sip.

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