DIY Leather Tassel

This is a tutorial on how to make a leather tassel with free templates.

Tassels are super cute and easy to make. You can use them as a keychain or earrings or even as a necklace. You can also add various beads and charms to your tassel to make it extra fancy.

Whether you’re into the boho-vibe or not, a tassel can complement any outfit or occasion. You can use scrap leather or faux leather which offers a few more color options. Both work well for tassel accessories.

I made mine using faux leather and a little piece of permanent vinyl but the vinyl is just optional and can be replaced with more leather or just not added at all. Make multiple and add a different accent to each for a bouquet of tassels.

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Materials for DIY Leather Tassel

Leather – I used a sheet of from this assorted faux leather set I got from Amazon.

Glue – I just used a hot glue gun. If you are using real leather, I recommend something like E6000.

Earring Kit- I got an Earring Kit from Amazon that has all the tools and jump rings etc. that you might need in an assortment of different finishes.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – This leather fringe cutting template is available for free in both PDF and SVG formats in my resource library.

How to make a leather tassel

Step 1: Cut the leather fringe using the template

I use my Cricut cutting machine to cut faux leather. While it is possible to cut faux leather with a Cricut Explorer and regular blade, I use the rotary blade with my Cricut Maker this time because the leather was soft and a little bit stretchy.

Regardless, I highly recommend using a strong grip mat and tape down the sides with painters or masking tape. This will help the leather stay in place and minimize snagging.

Step 2: Glue an outer fringe into a loop

This will serve as a connection for the jump ring later on when you attach it to a keychain or earring hook.

Step 3: Roll and glue the fringe

Starting with the loop side, roll and glue the fringe on the side where the loop is.

Step 4: Option accent for your leather tassel

You can add an optional vinyl accent at the top of the rolled tassel if you’d like. This accent can also be made from the same material.

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leather tassel template printable
leather tassel template printable
leather tassel template printable

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