Free Farmhouse Sign Printables and Stencils

The rustic farmhouse sign can be a wholesome addition to any home. Here is a round-up for all my favorite free farmhouse sign stencils and printable projects to make your own farmhouse sign.

There are many ways to create that farmhouse look with a rustic sign for your kitchen or living room. They vary from super easy printables to slightly more involved stenciling. Regardless of your appetite for DIY projects and crafts, there’s a suitable farmhouse sign project in your future.

Here are a few ideas for different ways to make DIY Farmhouse Signs

The quintessential theme for a farmhouse sign is of course the farm. Farm animals, barns and anything else you might find in the countryside are great as a theme for your farmhouse sign.

Once you’ve decided on a theme, there are different techniques you can use to make that farmhouse sign. You can paint with various types of paints, stencil with paint, iron on vinyl, stain with coffee, use permanent vinyl… the options are endless.

I have a few of my favorite ways to make farmhouse signs.

If you are interested in any of the Free Printable Farmhouse Signs Templates featured in this article, they are all available in my resource library.

Acrylic Paint and Farmhouse Sign Stencils

If you are up for slightly more involved painting projects, consider stenciling on wood with acrylic paint. All the materials involved are super affordable and it’s not that much trouble to make the stencil, especially for some of the farm animals.

Here is a more detail tutorial on how to stencil on wood without bleeding.

Staining wood

Another super affordable way to make your own wood sign is to buy unfinished wood and stain it yourself and then stencil something fun on the finished wood. Here is a quick tutorial on how to stain wood with non-toxic everyday products you might have at home like coffee grounds and acrylic paint.

Chalkboard farmhouse sign stencils

Farmhouse signs don’t all have to be made with wood, a simple chalkboard sign can create that same rustic feel. I have an easy tutorial on how to stencil on chalkboard here along with some free stencil templates.

Make a welcome sign with this vertical Welcome Sign Stencil Template Printable

vertical welcome stencil template

Iron on Farmhouse Signs with Farm Animals

One last way to create an easy rustic sign is to use iron vinyl or HTV. Yes, you can iron on plastic to a wood plant to make a sign. This is not my favorite way to make signs but it might be one of the easiest. I have a short tutorial on how to iron on vinyl to wood here.

Free Printable Stencils for Wood Signs

Regardless of which method you chose, you will need a template to make some of these designs. I’ve gathered a few of my favorites in my free resource library.

Farm animal stencils

Farm animals stencils are super easy to make either by hand using a cutting machine like the Cricut.

Barn stencils and other farmhouse themed stencils

Mix and match different farm animals to make your own customized rustic sign.

farm animal stencil template

Free Printable Farmhouse Signs

Last but not least, if you’re really lazy, you can just printable and frame a sign. I have a few of those as well in my free resource library.

Gather Stencil Printable

gather stencil template

Home Stencil Printable

home stencil template

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farm animal stencils
farm animal stencils printable
farmhouse sign stencils

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