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This crayon and apple-themed editable banner for the classroom is a great way to show your appreciation for all your teacher’s hard work.

Speaking of hard work, I’ve made my fair share of banners and I think I’ve finally optimized the design and assembly process so it doesn’t take an entire day to make.

There’s a couple of key tricks to getting these banners done in time for the event without going crazy in the process.

The first rule is: ALWAYS make the letter separate from the base.

There’s a couple of reasons for this. When you cut all the letters together, they take up less space and you don’t have to shuffle through so many mats.

None of this trying to cut the letter into the top layer, or having it be tied to the base sheet… you’re just giving yourself more headache trying to line up everything up on the Cricut mat and in the assembly process.

The key to fast banner making is to minimize the number of mat changes.

This means minimizing the number of colors used in your design. In this particular Crayon Thank you Banner, I used an assorted pack and a black pack of cardstock.

I cut the letters separate the base so I can make the base reusable for other occasions but you can theoretically make each piece with just 2 pieces of color. (I know, I just told you not to do this but I find some people love to do what they are told not to do. haha)

Anyways, do you like my classroom crayon banner design? It’s FREE and available in my resource library (both the printable and SVG templates).

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    Materials for Classroom Banner

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    Cardstock– I used the Neenah Collections Assorted set which also happens to be my favorite brand of cardstock. They cut really well and have colored cores so you can’t see white frayed edges.

    Glue Dots – My favorite is the Scotch Glue Dot Roller. It rolled well and makes these paper projects go sooo much faster! I’ll be honest though, I ran out right before this project and had to use Tacky Glue which is fine but it warps the paper just a little.

    Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

    Tips for assembling this classroom banner template

    Try to use an older green mat. I say older green mat because a fresh one is probably too much for cardstock.

    This design has medium levels of cut but a fresh blue mat works too.

    As I mentioned earlier, I like to reuse my base banner for different occasions. I also make it interchangeable so I can customize the teacher’s names.

    When stringing the banner pieces, if I have a matching color, I will have more of it show. Otherwise, I interweave it to minimal string is covering the banner base.

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    1. Nicole says:

      What font did you use and what size font will fit on the crayon? Thank you!

      • I believe I used an Adobe font called Impact. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the font size.

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