How to Slice on Cricut Design Space

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This tutorial will cover how to slice on the Cricut Design Space app for your iphone, ipad and web browser.

Slicing within Cricut Design Space can do so much. It’s not just for cutting shapes in half or cropping an existing design. You can create completely new designs using images and text.

how to slice on cricut

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    How to slice an image on Cricut Design Space

    There are many ways to cut an outline out of an image. In fact, the term is a little confusing. Do you mean removing the background? Do you want to slice something in half? Do you want to crop an image? Or maybe you want to cut out a shape within the image.

    Regardless, the first step is to upload the image.

    how to slice on cricut

    The image we are using is a bitmap (.png or .jpg format) image of an abstract watercolor dot. If you would like to follow along, this image is available for free in my resource library.

    Use the Upload button in the left tool bar panel.

    After selecting your image file, mark it as “complex” to preserve the details.

    In this second stage, you will need to remove the background of the image by using the “select and erase” tool in the upper left corner. The idea is to erase everything that is not the shape you want to keep. You should see a checkered pattern in the areas you have erased.

    For this particular example watercolor image, the background has already been erased. Some people call this a transparent PNG.

    After removing unwanted parts of the image, select “save as a Print Then Cut Image”.

    How to cut custom shapes with Cricut Design Space

    The second way is to import a vectorized SVG file using the same upload function as above.

    Cricut design space will recognize that it is an SVG file and you will not need to remove any unwanted areas in this method.

    How to make cutouts with Cricut Design Space

    Continuing with out watercolor example, lets say I want to print and cut a watercolor unicorn.

    how to slice an image on cricut

    I simple upload my unicorn svg, then place it over the watercolor image, and then use the “Slice” tool in the bottom right corner of the Canvas.

    How to cut circles with cricut

    Let just say I want to print and cut a circular watercolor sticker with the unicorn cut out of the middle.

    how to slice an image on cricut

    To cut a circle, I first need to create a circle using the Shapes tool.

    I then place the circle over the image I want to cut.

    With both items selected, click “Slice” in the bottom right corner.

    Why is Slice not working on Cricut Design Space?

    You can only slice 2 items at a time. One way to tell if you only have 2 items is to look at the right panel to see if multiple blocks have been selected.

    Interested in these watercolor textures used in this tutorial? Check out my Watercolor Textures kit which included 45 different water color swatch samples you can use for your own designs!

    how to slice an image on cricut

    How to slice multiple images on cricut

    There are a couple of ways to slice multiple images.

    First, you can just do everything in sequence as I did above. Slice the unicorn with the blog, then slice the cutout blog with the circle.

    The second way only applies to 2 items that do not overlap. You can weld 2 of the items and then do the slicing.

    How to cut text out of an image

    I now want to cut out letters from this watercolor image.

    how to slice an image on cricut

    To do this, I first type out my text using the Text tool on the left tool bar.

    I then overlay the text over the image. With the text selected, I “weld” in the bottom right corner of the Canvas. I then select the welded text and the base image and click “slice”.

    How to put words inside a shape in Cricut Design Space

    how to slice an image on cricut

    For this thank you card, I need to place the thank you words inside the card cutout shape.

    To do this, I first create a rectangle using the Square Shape tool.

    I then layer all the text on top of each other using the Arrange tool in the top toolbar.

    If I wanted to print this as is, I would then select everything and “Flatten” in the bottom right corner of the Canvas.

    How to slice on Cricut Design Space app for the iphone and ipad

    The Slice function in the app for both iOS and Android platforms is located under the “Actions” tool in the bottom panel.

    how to slice on cricut design space on iphone

    Just getting started with the Cricut?

    If all of this seems overwhelming, check out my quick reference ebook Cracking the Cricut. I provide a comprehensive overview of Cricut Design Space for all devices:

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