Mason Jar Painting Ideas

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Looking for creative mason jar decoration ideas?

Between marinara and jam, I have stockpiled so many empty mason jars that I could start my own canning business.

I usually just recycle them but decided to save a few instead.

Well, it really didn’t take that long but I manage to collect quite a few and do several decor projects.

5 Mason Jar Decoration Ideas

The best part of using mason jars to decorate is they are so versatile and affordable. I mean, they were practically free if you don’t count the money spent on the contents.

They are also quite affordable to buy on their own as well which is why if you are decorating for a special occasion like a wedding or baby shower, I would totally consider some of these mason jar craft projects.

Painting mason jars for centerpieces

I made these using salsa and jam jars. Check out my tutorial on how to paint mason jars with chalk paint if you are interested in making them yourself. These are great on their own or as luminaries with a tea candle.

Painting mason jars with Mod Podge

A craft project isn’t a craft project without Mod Podge. Check out my tutorials on how to make this buffalo pattern jar and Epsom Salt luminary using Mod Podge.

Rustic mason jar centerpieces

Maybe you have a baby shower to plan for and can’t decide what kind of theme to do? These rustic neutral utensil holders can fit into any baby shower theme.

I actually ended up making my own utensil holders that double as decor for my kitchen. Yes, we consume a lot of marinara in this household!

If you are interested in these fun mason jar decoration templates, they are all free and available in my resource library.

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