5 Printable Coloring Get Well Cards To Make At Home

There are plenty of printable coloring get well cards to make at home.

Making a homemade get well card for friends and family is a great way to bring cheer to your loved ones when they’re not feeling their best. You know how it feels to be sick. Usually, you can’t work, see friends, and your day-to-day tasks can become nearly impossible. By giving your loved one a get well soon card, you can brighten up their day and to boost their strength as they recover from illness, an injury, or operation.

Of course, you can also use free printable get well card templates as well. These are great if you’re short on time or looking to make a simple coloring craft with your kids. In this post, I’ll go through some of the best printable coloring get well cards you can make at home.

All the printable and coloring cards featured here in this roundup are free and available in my resource library.

Feel Better Soon Card

You can print and color this fun annimals get well soon card for free. This is a great get well card for your kids to color and give to one of their friends. Of course, you can also give this to an adult family member or friend to give them a chuckle. If you want, you can pair this feel better card with a stuffed teddy bear or some flowers to brighten your loved one’s day even more!

Flower Get Better Soon Card

Next, you can also color this free printable flower card to send well wishes to your loved one. Personally, this is one of my favorites because you can include so many cheerful colors to brighten their day. Often, they include butterflies to symbolize hope and positivity.

If you’re looking to change up your get-well card message, you could write, “Sending you sunshine to brighten your day” or a simple “Thinking of you” works just as well. Definitely, flower get well soon cards are perfect to give to your mother, grandmother, or teacher when they’re not feeling their best.

Tea Get Well Card

In addition, tea templates are another one of the best get well coloring pages to print. For centuries, people have been drinking tea when they’re sick to boost their immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight off health problems. Thus, a cup of hot tea get well cards or a card made with a coffee cup template are a great way to help your loved ones feel better.

When making tea cup cards, I like to add aroma swirls to make the tea look like it’s steaming. Of course, you can also give these cards with your friend or family member’s favorite cup of tea.

Speedy Recovery Card

Additionally, you can color a free printable speedy recovery card to say get better soon. Usually, these coloring pages have a turtle or snail on the front to make a pun.

These cards are great for kids to color and give to friends and family. They’ll love the joke made out of “Speedy Recovery,” and it will definitely bring a smile to the card recipient’s face.

Band Aid Get Well Card

Furthermore, you can also put a smile on your friend’s face with a printable Band-Aid get well soon card. Typically, these cards have a bandage character graphic on the front for you or your kids to color. They also include text such as “Get Well Soon!” or “Feel Better!” To customize your design, you can add a personal message to your recipient as well.

For this card, you might even consider sealing your envelope with a Band-Aid. This could be a fun preview to the graphic on the inside. Absolutely, try this bandage printable get well wishes card to give to a friend in need.

Printable coloring get well cards are a great way to bring joy to friends and family when they’re not feeling their best. Be sure to try out these fun feel better cards to print.

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