10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations To Make at Home

Leaves are falling, pumpkins are popping up on every doorstep, indeed the season of giving thanks is upon us.

I don’t know about you, but I live for the fun of these cool fall afternoons every year. What could be better than a long walk followed by a warm cup of cider? Or pumpkin carving at the kitchen table? 

Apple picking at your local orchard may cost a small fortune, but when you save on the little things like these DIY Thanksgiving decorations, you’ll have plenty left over to make the most of the season! 

DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Pumpkin Themed Wall Art

Paper crafts are great for seasonal decorating. It’s a fun project to make and you don’t feel bad about throwing it out or recycling it afterward.

Imagine how cute these are going to be in your entryway or in the living room. Check out my tutorial on how to make honeycomb crafts here with free templates

Printable Thanksgiving Wall Art 

Why limit your DIY Thanksgiving decorations to just the outdoors? Print your seasonal decor or if you are a Cricut Crafter, making this design out of vinyl for a fun wall art project. Check out all my Grateful, Thankful, Blessed free templates and printables here.

Paper Pumpking Decor

Decorating doesn’t just have to be for the adults! 

Involve the kiddos with these fun paper projects. They’ll have fun and stay out of trouble before the Thanksgiving feast hits the table. 

4. Leaf Lanterns

How CUTE are these! Check out how to paint mason jars with leaf cutouts in this tutorial here. (free templates are included!)

If the cute factor weren’t enough you could easily make a dozen of these little gems for under five bucks! I’m sold, let’s put one in every window of the house hubby will just have to deal. 

Thanksgiving Fall Wreath

Fall doesn’t have to be all rustic and old. Add a modern twist with this cardstock modern autumn wreath. Check out my Premium SVG Craft projects membership for more projects like this.

DIY Tea Candle Holder

Can you believe this is made from paper?… but this idea takes your Thanksgiving celebration to a whole new level. Check out my tutorial (with free templates on how to make paper tea light holders. Of course, you need the LED kind so as to not have it catch on fire.

Mine’s going to be conveniently planted right on the coffee table with the game snacks, happy holidays to me. 

Welcoming Banner

It’s the little things, right? Hang this warm welcome above the foyer to greet guests. Save it for next year too, some things are simply timeless. 

Fall Leaves Window Hanging 

The leaves are falling! Outside and inside too. Bring the biggest fall favorite to your home with a window hanging or door wreath. 

Candles and more Centerpiece

Centerpieces are perhaps the most memorable part of Thanksgiving dinner, aside from the food of course! They draw in the eyes and set the tone for an event. Go rustic and simple with this Fall themed centerpiece. 

Fall Paper Bowl Centerpiece

If you’re anything like me then you love variety. As we’ve said, centerpieces are the stars of the show. 

So play a little mix and match if you should so fancy, alternate your mason jar pieces with these paper bowls. Check out my Modge podge paper bowl tutorial (with free templates) for more information.

Even rude aunt Gertrude won’t be able to resist these DIY Thanksgiving decorations! 

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