DIY Fall Decor

Fall is my favorite season and I love to decorate during this time of the year.

Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the Fall, maybe I just really love the season, but I always feel like fall is the season for new beginnings to me. I know most people feel like Spring and Summer might be the season for new things but I was a bit of a nerd back in the day and loves the start of a new school year and that to me symbolized a year full of opportunity and excitement.

These days, I’m celebrating more with the start of the school year for my kids. More time at home to clean up after a summer of household chore neglect, time to do a few things for me, and time to decorate for the holiday season.

DIY Fall decor

I’m not a huge big projects person for seasonal decorating. Living in the city, I don’t have a lot of storage space. I need stuff that I don’t feel back about throwing out afterward.

Here are some of my ideas for DIY Fall Decorating that don’t take up a lot of space or effort.

DIY Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins are a funny plant. If I don’t carve it, it lasts all the way to Thanksgiving. As soon as I poke a hole, the countdown begins before it starts molding on the inside. At best, it lasts for a week.

My preference has never been to card pumpkins. I prefer to just either let them be and then eat them after the season or decor with other materials and just use it as a theme.

DIY Fall decor

This honeycomb pumpkin wall art is my type of project. Easy cheap materials, simple enough projects where my kids can help out. Check out the full tutorial on how to make honeycomb decor pieces for more details.

Buffalo Plaid Decorating Ideas

I love buffalo plaid. It is so versatile. It’s rustic, yet modern. It works for lots of seasonal decoring.

DIY Fall decor

If you are just as enthused about buffalo plaid as I am, sign up for my crafting and DIY newsletter and get my free buffalo plaid printable pattern and make your own buffalo plaid decor. I have lots of other fun DIY decorating projects in my free resource library.

DIY Fall decor

Fall wall decor ideas

Living in the city, I don’t have a lot of square footage. Most of my decorating has to happen on the walls. I’ve done my fair share of DIY Fall wall art.

DIY Fall decor

Fall is harvest season so it’s no surprise harvest wall decor is the theme.

DIY Fall decor

Modern Autumn Decor

For the cutting craft enthusiast, I have a few projects I’ve done with my Cricut that have gotten some compliments over the years.

diy fall decorating

I love shopping for still trinkets, objets and accessories at decor stores but I inevitably regret it because when I finally retire the piece, its just sits there and takes up space in my limited storage. I love disposable pieces like this cardstock luminary I made. I don’t feel back about recycling the piece when the season is over.

diy fall decorating

I love modern farmhouse and my DIY decorating definitely reflects this. While Fall is the turning of leaves, it doesn’t me decorating can’t look fresh. Add a modern twist through design and you’ll feel like Fall is also a fresh start.

Fun and Cheap Fall decor

With three kids, I inevitably need to involve the kids with my decorating.

diy fall decorating

This Mod Podge Fall Leaves bowl was the perfect project to get everyone involved. Check out my free template and tutorial for this Mod Podge paper bowl.

diy fall decorating

I love using recycled glass jars and wine bottles. Check out my free templates and tutorial on how to paint over mason jars.

diy fall decorating

If you are a wine drinker and have bottles just sitting around, turn them into a vase with just a few things you might have sitting around the house. Here are some more Wine Bottle Decorating Ideas.

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diy fall decorating
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diy fall decor

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    I am a member and have to say I am very disappointed in how to get the projects that you show pictures of. The Fall projects did not tell me how to get the patterns or SVG files. Tell me how to find the pictures you show?

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