5 Wine Bottle Decoration Ideas

Simple bottle decorations are a great way to repurpose wine bottles.

It all started with San Pellegrino. I was on this mineral water kick and swore there was a difference between the different brands. I was obsessed with San Pellegrino and thought the taste was superior to all other mineral waters.

I think I was just making it all up in my head but what ended up happening was I order San Pellegrino in bulk and had boxes and boxes of empty glass ‘wine’ like bottles.

They were all clean because all it contained was water and the labels came off so easily, I couldn’t bear just recycling them all.

So instead, I went on a wine bottle crafting binge.

Empty wine bottle decoration ideas

wine bottle decor ideas

All the templates (in both SVG and printable PDF formats) you see in this article are available for free in my resource library. Go ahead and give one of these projects a try yourself!

Painting with Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a super easy and affordable way to add some color to your wine bottles. You can paint either the inside or outside of the bottles. Here’s a more detailed tutorial on how to paint the wine bottles with Acrylic.

Acrylic paint is super affordable and more importantly, easily washables and removable if you mess up. I love working with acrylic for bottle decorating.

Decorating with Flowers

I love adding both the felt and paper flowers I make to various home decor projects. What better way to save than to make your own accessories for your home.

I have more detailed tutorials for how to make the flowers featured on the bottles in this article here: Paper Gardenia, Paper Orchids, Felt Daffodils, Felt Cosmos and Felt Sunflowers.

Accessorize with Vinyl Decals

Another great way to accessorize wine bottles is to add a vinyl decal. Here, I used my Cricut cutting machine to create a floral decal to put on the outside of a white wine bottle I painted from the inside. The whole project took maybe all of 15 minutes.

Simpler designs can be cut by hand of course but I would highly recommend getting a cutting machine for other DIY home decor projects. I have some recommendations and which Cricut machines is best for beginners here.

Wine bottle crafts to sell

You can also decorate wine bottles to sell at local craft fairs or even online. It’s easy to customize your design and make a set to sell for a holiday fair or just to the local community.

People love to support local artisan the handmade community. I find the more customized handmade products do better. People want a personalized touch and a story behind the things they showcase in their home.

Here are a few other popular items that you can make and sell.

wine bottle decoration ideas
wine bottle crafts to sell
empty wine bottle decoration ideas

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