9 Tips for Selling Cricut projects on Etsy

Looking for some Cricut Etsy ideas to pay for the most expensive craft hobby ever?

Here are some of the hottest selling items on Etsy to help you get started.

Selling online in today’s world is a circus. It is easier than a decade ago but there are still a ton of technological hurdles setting up your storefront on various platforms.

It is exhausting work just to get to the starting line and when you finally open your virtual storefront its crickets…crickets for your Cricut craft.

At the end of the day, even if you make the most beautiful, intricate, creative, Picasso level oven mitt, if no one needs an oven mitt, no one is going to buy your masterpiece.

Cricut items to sell on Etsy that are in high demand

Not to put down all oven mitt makers, they are super functional and necessary for even the novice cook but the reality is, you can buy one from Ikea for $2.99.

The heart of the matter is, we need to get down to the fundamental basics of business — Econ 101: supply and demand. If there is no demand, you as the supplier will have no business.

If you’re going to sell online, I would recommend going where everyone is buying. That place would be Etsy. There are other online markets but Etsy is probably the most globally well know and more importantly, largest online market place with 39.4+million buyers all around the world this year.

Most Wanted Cricut Etsy Ideas

Why do people buy handmade?

We love to think it is because they are kind-hearted people that want to support local artisans but the reality is, that is just a side benefit.

Consumers buy handmade when there is a level of customization that can’t be done with mass production and manufacturing.

It does not make economic sense for those Chinese manufacturers selling on Alibaba to make a customized mug that says “Caitlyn” is glitter vinyl.

But it does make sense for you, as the crafty Cricut crafter to start a side hustle selling glitter “Caitlyn” mugs.

(as a side note, don’t try to make money selling customized mugs, there are TOO many people, aka too much supply, in customized mug making)

So here are the top searched items on Etsy.

Cricut items to sell on Etsy

Wedding Related Handmade Crafts

We all know the wedding industry is a beast with tons of big-league players but it is also an opportunity for small businesses to thrive with customized products. The top-selling shop on Etsy for wedding-related goods has 6 digit transactions a year!

Wedding Gifts

From customized robes to wine glasses, if you are into vinyl crafts, this is a goldmine for easy to make high demand items to make.

Try taking it custom gifts for the soon to be wed couple. Check out my tutorial on how to make custom silhouette cutouts for these framed memorabilia paper art.

Customized Wedding Signs


Proper signage makes the best first impression. Backyard wedding searches are on a rise (200% increase this year) according to Pinterest. What better way to welcome everyone to the intimate affair than to start with a rustic wood pallet sign.

Wedding Event Accessories

Check out all of my free DIY Wedding Cricut projects and SVG cut files in my resource library.

All the little details of the wedding like table numbers are a goldmine of opportunity.

Handmade Home Decor

Everyone should thank Joanna Gaines and the popularity of Fixer Upper for creating a new category of home decor trends called Modern Farmhouse.

Now every household in America needs to redo their living room to look like a barn (but a clean modern version).

No modern farmhouse is complete without a wood family sign.

If you like this design, it is also free and available in my resource library. Check out the article on stenciling on wood.

Rustic Throw Pillows

cricut projects to sell on etsy

This SVG and Printable design is also available for free in my resource library. Check out my article on stenciling on fabric for more details.

Baby Gear

Customized Onesies

People love to spend month on newborns. I mean what’s not to love with a funny onesie. It’s functional and cute at the same time. It is a great gift for parents to be from almost any friend or family. As a Mother to 3, clothing is always welcomed as parents of a newborn. Between all the diapers and other extra expenses of having a new baby, every function gift is very much appreciated.

Check out all of my free Baby Onesie SVG designs in this tutorial.

cricut crafts to sell on etsy

This is also the perfect gift for a baby shower and super easy to make.

Birth Announcements and Stat Signs

cricut items to sell on etsy

It has now turned into a competition who has the most beautifully design baby announcement. Ever since social media took over the internet, keeping up with the Jones has taken on new meaning.

Check out some of my free SVG templates for Birth announcements to make your own custom gear to sell on Etsy.

Parties and Events

Birthday Party Decor

cricut items to sell on etsy

Check out my free Cricut Unicorn Party Decor projects

Every parent wants to give their child the experience that they never had starting with throwing them the most epic birthday parties ever. And the most epic birthday party need epic decor and party favors.

Giant Wall Flowers

cricut items to sell on etsy

I don’t know how this category got to be so popular but giant flower wall drops are all the rage. I guess between wedding and baby showers, it is the new standard. Check out all my giant wall flower tutorials here.

DIY Jewelry

cricut etsy ideas

Someone spotted Joanna Gaines wearing leather earrings that she picked up at some crafts fair and it suddenly became the new “it” category. Check out my tutorial on cutting leather earrings with the Cricut here to get started.

Not into working with leather? Try these wood veneer earrings that you can make with either the Explorer or the Maker. Check out my tutorial with free SVG designs for these wooden earrings.

selling cricut projects on etsy

Interested in some free templates and printables to get your creative juices going on what to make and sell?

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cricut etsy ideas
cricut projects to sell on etsy
selling cricut projects on etsy

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