DIY Leather Wallet

Making your own DIY leather wallet is super easy. Get my free leather wallet pattern and craft along!

I love using my Cricut cutting machine to make leather and faux leather projects like this. Even if you don’t have a cutting machine, this particular wallet is simple enough to cut by handle. It is designed with just a simple snap enclosure, no sewing is require. Super easy to make and a great accessory to have in your purse or all those little extra like coins and headphones.

diy leather wallet

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Materials for Cricut Leather Wallet

Faux Leather – You will need larger sheets of leather for these projects, ideally the 8×12 inch dimension or larger. I used ones from this pearl finished set and also a leopard patterned one from this assorted set. If you are cutting this with an Explorer, I recommend stiffer smooth finished leather. The softer stuff that doesn’t stick as well to the matt will snag otherwise.

Snap Button Kit – I used buttons from this snap plier kit.

Cricut – I use a cutting machine to do some of the cutting for this project. This of course is optional but it sure makes things go faster. Check out my reviews for Best Cricut machines for beginners if you’re new to the Cricut.

Templates – this set of DIY leather wallet templates are available in both SVG and printable PDF formats for free in my resource library.

diy leather wallet template

Cut Your Cricut Templates

First, you need to cut out the pieces using the template. For a 3 by 4 inch wallet, I sized the widest part of the template to about 9 inches. If you have a larger purse or handbag, you can always increase the scale of the design. You can also increase the scale if you’re looking to make a wallet that holds more items. For example, you may want it to hold makeup, tissues, hand sanitizer, or other small items.

To access my free Cricut leather wallet template, you just need to sign up for my newsletter. Then, you can download the wallet SVGs or print out PDFs of the design. Of course, printing and cutting the design by hand can take a little more time, as you have to cut through the leather fabric by hand. For the smoothest craft experience, I recommend using a Cricut cutting machine or a Silhouette.

cricut leather wallet

Tape Fabric Edges And Use A Rotary Blade

When cutting faux leather or leather with the Cricut, use the strong grip mat if you have it. This will keep your template from sliding. If the leather is super soft or stretchy, you can reinforce it by taping the edges with masking tape (or painters tape).

If you are using a Cricut Maker, I highly recommend using the rotary blade. It provides a more reliable cut that doesn’t snag as much. This is critical to get a smooth, clean edge on your fabric.

DIY leather wallet

Pierce The Leather Wallet Pattern

Next, we are going to pierce the leather for the one side of the snap enclosure. Using the piercing tool included in the leather tool kit, I just stack the layers on that I need, so I know where each tab is relative to the other. This snap button will not only serve as half of the snap button enclosure but also be the piece that holds the wallets in its shape.

By fixing the lower half of the snap button through three layers of leather, you make a sandwich to hold the wallet together. The lower half should look like a leather envelope. If you have room, you can always use binder clips to hold your leather pieces together as you pierce the snap enclosure. I found this works very well to keep my pieces in place while I make the hole.

diy leather wallet template

Snap On The Wallet Button

Snap on the button after it has been pierced. I love choosing a button that matches my leather fabric design. For the DIY metallic leather wallet I made, I went with a simple black button to complete the look. You can always choose something more vibrant to make it pop.

Then, position the closure flap down to see where the other side of the snap button should go. Pierce and snap on the button to align with the bottom half of the snap button. To make sure your button is aligned, you can make a small dot with a pencil or pen on the leather.

Importantly, you should try to place both buttons as close to the center of the leather fabric pieces as possible. This is essential for your wallet to close smoothly without any bubbles.

diy leather wallet template

Add Finishing Touches

For the pink wallet, I used my Cricut machine to cut small leather loops for the outside of the design. I think this really adds a classy touch if you’re looking to make a more professional looking wallet craft.

To add another handmade touch, you can also stitch embroidery floss across the bottom and sides of your Cricut DIY wallet. Often, this makes the designs feel a little more vintage. If you choose to add the embroidery floss, just be careful to stay close to the edge of the wallet. Otherwise, you could minimize the space inside.

This DIY leather wallet is a great way to upgrade your purse. Of course, you can also give it to a friend as a cute handmade gift. Whether you’re looking for a gift card holder or a traditional wallet to hold cash and cards, this simple foldable leather wallet with the Circut Maker is a fun craft to make at home. Follow these steps to make a DIY leather wallet with your Cricut cutting machine.

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diy leather wallet
diy leather wallet
diy leather wallet template

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    1. Elf @DomesticHeights

      Hi Myranda,
      it attaches to the inside of the wallet and just wraps around.

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