Mason Jar Tissue Holder

These DIY tissue holders are super easy to make with a large recycled jar or a dedicated mason jar you can pick up at a lot of different retailers.

There are a few things around the house that I’ve just never been able to find something that I’m completely satisfied with and one of those items is the tissue holder.

Lets be clear, there are a few tissue box holders that I do like but they are like super expensive and I’m terrified my kids are just going knock it over trying to wash their hands and then there goes like 50 bucks.

I decided to give this DIY tissue holder jar project a try and put my own design on it.

I’ve made better projects but it’s not too bad. I wish I had done a different color for the paint thought but that can be easily remade next time I’m done with a large jar of pasta sauce.

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Materials for DIY Tissue Holder Mason Jar

Jar – You will need at 32oz jar minimum. You can get a set from Amazon if you don’t feel like waiting for your next pasta jar.

Paint – If you are planning on painting the inside of the jar, I would just get regular acrylic paint. I have this assorted set from Amazon and use it for a variety of different projects. If you want to create a more rustic matte look, I would recommend painting the outside with chalk paint. I like to use the Folk Art chalk paint series also available through Amazon.

Vinyl – Any type of permanent vinyl works for this. Technically removable vinyl works too since you won’t be washing this jar too much. I just get one of the assorted generic brand sets of sheets and it works just as well as the name brand more expensive stuff.

Paint brush – anything works here. If you are just painting the inside, you could get away with no paint brush.

Cloth or cover – option piece for the lid of the tissue holder

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Templates – You will need a template for the decal, my floral and “bless you” tissue holder designs are available in both SVG and printable pdf formats for free in my resource library.

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    Tutorials for Tissue Holder Mason Jar

    Step 1: Paint the mason jar

    In this particular example, I just painted the inside of the jar. To do that, you can just pour some paint into the jar and either roll the jar to around to coat the inside or use a paint brush to smear it around.

    I found 0.5oz of paint way more than enough to coat the inside of a 32oz jar.

    Let this dry overnight.

    I have a separate tutorial on how to paint mason jars with chalk paint here if you are interested.

    Step 2: Prepare the lid

    Cut your cloth to cover the top of the jar. If you have a mason jar, then use the ring of the lid to secure the cloth in place.

    If you don’t have this ring, then I suggest using some sort of elastic to secure the cloth.

    Don’t glue the cloth on, you need to be able to remove it to add the tissues.

    Step 3: Add the tissue holder decals

    Depending on how intricate your decal design is, you can either just peel it off and put it onto the jar.

    My floral design was a little more detailed so I used some transfer tape to get it onto the jar.

    Step 4: Add your tissues

    Some other tutorials say you have to buy the travel sized round canisters and take those tissues. I find a regular stack of Kleenex works just as well.

    Cut a slit in the middle of the cloth cover big enough and you’re all set.

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