Free Cricut Birthday Cards

Ever since I got my Cricut, I haven’t had to buy a card. Now all my friends and family get handmade cards. I’ve included my free birthday card SVGs here.

One of my favorite things to make using my Cricut is cards. The last time I shopped for cards, I was surprised by how expensive they were. Some of the more elaborate ones were north of ten bucks!

I now make all my own Cricut cards and I think just that alone has paid back on the money-saving from buying pre-made cards.

Plus, these handmade Cricut cards are unique in their aesthetic and can be customized for the recipient.

I actually started out making the Cards from Cricut Design Space. But then I got tired of only making the same few cards that didn’t require 5 different sheets of cardstock. They do have more simple cards but they charge more for them which annoyed me a bit when I had already paid for Cricut Access.

So I started just designing really simple cards that weren’t too difficult to assemble and didn’t require too many different types of material.

Materials for DIY Birthday Cards

Cardstock – I like using at least medium weight cardstock with colored cores. Sometimes you can get away with white core cardstock for less intricate designs but my preference is still the colored core kind. Here are a few of my favorite brands:

Cricut – I use a cutting machine to do some of the cutting for this project. This of course is optional but it sure makes things go faster. Check out my reviews for Best Cricut machines for beginners if you’re new to the Cricut.

Templates – All these Cricut Birthday Card SVGs are free and available in my free resource library.

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    Cricut birthday card ideas

    This is just a selection of my favorite birthday cards that I’ve made with my Cricut. Check out my full collection of free Cricut card designs here.

    Easy Birthday Card SVGs

    Did you know you can make any sentiment into a popup card? I have a special tutorial on how to design your own pop-up cards within Cricut Design Space.

    If you don’t feel like designing your own, I have a set of pop up sentiment card designs for free as well like this one here:

    Cricut birthday card SVG

    Cricut Birthday Cards for Kids

    I probably make the most cards for my kids’ friends’ birthdays. I have many more in the collection but the top favorites are these dinosaur themed cards and mermaid silhouette cards.

    Cricut birthday card SVG
    Cricut birthday card SVG

    Handmade Birthday Cards for the whole family

    While I originally designed these for kids, they are fun for adults as well. Here are a couple of waterfall cards and a cascading birthday card design.

    Cricut birthday card SVG
    Cricut birthday card SVG

    More Easy Cricut Pop-up cards

    Everyone loves pop up cards but some of them are really complicated to assemble. I have a basic pop up card design that involved a spiral that you can easily customize with your own designs.

    Cricut birthday card SVG

    DIY Birthday Card for Mom

    In addition to gifting Mom fresh flowers, gift her a card with an everlasting paper flower. This popup flower card is one of my favorites.

    Cricut birthday card SVG

    I also love making these easy mandala card when I’m in a hurry.

    Cricut birthday card SVG

    DIY Birthday Card for Dad

    Technically my husband gifted my first Cricut Maker to me so it is only appropriate I make cards for him as well. Here is my collection of Cricut cards for him.

    Cricut birthday card SVG

    DIY Gift Card Holders

    Sometimes you just need to give a gift card for a birthday because you just can’t think of anything else to gift. Make it more personal by customizing the gift cardholder.

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    Cricut birthday card SVG
    cricut birthday cards
    cricut birthday cards

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