Free Santa Cam SVG

Make this Santa cam ornament and get your kids to behave all through the holidays.

My kids still believe in Santa. This is great because it means I can threaten them with Santa not bringing them gifts if they don’t behave.

Now, my understanding is Santa expects you to behave all year round but I’m luck if I can get my kids on board with this for a couple of months. If I start any earlier than October with the Santa Cam, it just wears out its effect.

santa cam svg

This Santa Cam is pretty easy to make. The easiest material to work with the vinyl. You can put the vinyl cutouts on any blank.

I find it is easiest to have the Santa Cam as an ornament. That way it hangs and is front and center in our main family hang out space.

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Materials for Santa cam ornament

Wood round blanks – There are the unfinished wood blanks and then there is the smoother wood rounds.

Plastic bulbs – I like the flatter clear plastic ornament blanks for projects with vinyl. It is much easier to apply the vinyl without creases.

Acrylic Discs– These clear plastic discs look pretty cool too for a Santa cam

Cricut – I use a cutting machine to do some of the cutting for this project. This of course is optional but it sure makes things go faster. Check out my reviews for Best Cricut machines for beginners if you’re new to the Cricut.

Template – This free Santa web cam template is available in my free resources library.

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    How to make a Santa cam

    It really can’t get any easier than this.

    First cut out your vinyl piece. I use my Cricut cutting machine. For vinyl sheets, I like to use the light grip mat. The standard grip mats are super sticky these days for some reason and I avoid them if I can.

    This particular design is pretty straight forward so you can just peel and stick. Otherwise, you can always use some transfer paper to align the pieces before doing a final transfer onto the ornament blank.

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    santa cam svg

    3 thoughts on “Free Santa Cam SVG”

    1. Teri Giron

      Cannot access snowman face svg

    2. Andrea Dillman

      Did you paint the wood surface first or is that natural? I’ve never put vinyl on that type of surface.

      1. Elf @DomesticHeights

        Hi Andrea,
        Ilyssa did not paint the surfaces, the wood discs are usually pretty smooth and don’t need resurfacing.

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