9 Free Cricut DIY Thank You Cards SVG Templates

Making your own thank you card can add that extra personalized touch. Here are some of my favorite past DIY thank you card project tutorials with free SVG and printable templates.

I love making my own cards to gift to friends and family and Thank You cards certainly fall into this category.

While some people have a way with words, I’m much better at expressing myself through design. I still write a nice note inside the card but I really put most of my thought and care into the design of the card.

I make most of my thank you cards using my Cricut cutting machine but some of these designs you can definitely make by hand. I also have a few printable designs that work for if you are just making these by hand with a printer.

How to make thank you cards at home

I would highly recommend a Cricut cutting machine even if all you’re going to make are cards. It pays for itself from the cost saves of buying more elaborate cards.

I was shopping for a card for my husband just a couple years back and realized somehow the new standard price for a slightly nicer card at Papyrus is like $7.99. What happened to the $1.99 hallmark cards I used to pick up at the grocery store?!

In any case, it doesn’t take that many expensive cards to make up for the cost of a machine. If you are interested, I have mapped out some of my recommendations for what machine and what accessories to get if you are new to the Cricut in this article here.

Regardless, you will need to get some dedicated cardstock for cardmaking.

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A lot of handmade card makers love the heavier-weight cardstock. As a Cricut card maker, I find the heavier-weight cardstock to be hard to work with. My preference is the medium-weight cardstock (around 85lb). Here are some of my favorite brands:

  • Assorted Starter Pack – Basic assorted colors, great starter pack, perfect weight for most papercraft projects
  • Cricut Joy Insert Card Packs – You don’t have to use these with the Cricut Joy, they are nice material kids for cardmaking.
  • Cardstock Warehouse Brand on Amazon – I love the quality of all the matte-colored cardstock with Cardstock Warehouse. It is my go-to brand for individual matte colors that I might need
  • Poptone Assorted Variety Pack – This is the perfect peppy assortment of colors of heavy cardstock. It’s a heavy cardstock assortment with colors I actually use frequently for cardmaking.
  • Seasonal Assorted Variety Pack – This is a slight variation on the Poptone assortment and has a quite few neutrals that complement almost any accent color.
  • Stardream Metallics Line – For paper crafts, the Stardream line is the go-to for a metallic shimmer finish. It is the perfect sheen to make any project pop. The core is also colored is which hard to find for metallic paper.

These are just some of my free card projects. There are many other with just blank designs and you can customize it with your own Thank you Sentiment.

DIY thank you cards template

This fun fold cards looks super elaborate but they are not. All you have to do is cut and fold. The additional cutouts are all optional. You can also mix and match the sentiment in the front.

There was a period when I was really into shaker cards and designed this Thank you shaker card for fun. You can add any confetti or mix of sequences behind the text.

Thank you pop up cards

Everyone loves pop up cards but they can get really complicated to make and assemble. I have a super simple technique for designing pop up word card and this Thank You card is just one example.

Sometimes I feel like adding a little gift to my thank you card and these projects are perfect for those occasions. Add a little lip balm to your card with this customization lip balm card holders.

Maybe a little post-note holder is what you’re looking for, to not only write post it not thank you notes but other smaller to do lists. Everyone uses post-it notes.

Sometimes I like to just let the paper do the talking. There are lots of beautiful printed cardstock out there. I just added a simple cutout design on top of a printed base cardstock and voila, I have a fancy Thank you card to gift!

Are you into hand lettering? I have a tutorial here on how to turn your handwriting and hand lettering art into cutout designs like this Thank you card here.

free cricut card designs free cricut thank you cards

DIY thank you cards printables

While I have a Cricut cutting machine, sometimes I like to just print my cards or at least part of my card.

Here are some of my free printable card projects.

I originally designed these printable thank you tags as an easy way to add a thank you card to a gift. They are perfect as an add on to a bottle of wine or any gift box.

I also love watercolor projects. Unfortunately, a lot of the medium weight cardstock can’t hold up to actual water color painting but you can still print watercolor designs on this paper.

For those of you looking to do Print and Cut projects with your Cricut, I have a tutorial on how to slice letters like this in this article.

Here’s another favorite Cricut set for me. Check out this easy customizable set of Cricut Card designs if you are looking to make something fancy.

All of these DIY Thank you card designs are available in both SVG and Printable formats for Free in my Resource Libary.

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