Cricut Jewelry Ideas with Free Templates

There are so many Cricut jewelry ideas you can make with your Cricut cutting machine.

For example, I have been seeing so many people wearing leather earrings lately. Faux leather is such a lightweight material. So many of my friends love it because it doesn’t weigh down their ears. In addition, it comes in so many different textures, styles, and patterns, making it easy to design jewelry for any outfit. Of course, you can also make wooden and metal Cricut jewelry as well.

Whether you’re looking to make your own jewelry or to customize a gift for friends and family, these handmade Cricut jewelry projects are the perfect way to personalize any accessory collection. In this post, I’ll go through several fun Cricut jewelry ideas you can make at home.

Leather Earrings

First, I love making leather earrings with my Cricut machine. Before you get started, it’s important to learn how to cut leather to making earrings with the Cricut. Usually, I use my Cricut Maker and the rotary blade when I’m cutting faux leather.

In the past, I found that some faux leathers are soft and tug at the standard blade for a less smooth cut. With the rotary blade, you can usually use the Standard Grip mat as well.

Teardrop Earrings

teardrop earring svg
teardrop earring svg

More Free Leather Earring Templates:

One of my favorite leather earring templates to use are teardrop earring SVGs. I’ve included several different teardrop earring templates for free download in my Resource Library. To access them, you just have to sign up for my email newsletter.

Once you download the cut files and print them with your Cricut, you can use a needle or pin to poke a hole in the top. Then, you can attach them to your wire earring hooks. I love using metallic faux leather for these to create a chic, clean design.

3D Leather Earrings Templates

Next, I also made these 3D leather earring templates. I actually ended up making the first 3D earring design with a recycled purse. For the other two, I used faux leather patterns from the craft store.

Once you have the cuts made in the leather, you can bend the leather fabric and attach it using a jump ring. Alternatively, you can also use a small dot of hot glue to create the 3D effect.

Feather Earrings

In addition, I created these leather feather earrings with my Cricut Maker. I love how these look layering two different leather patters on top of one another. Even with the extra layer, they stay super lightweight, making it a great gift for any earring wearer. For the fringe feather earring design, I decided to add a dangle charm for an extra touch to the design. You can always charms or beads to any of these feather earring crafts.

Cricut Wood Earrings

DIY wood earrings are another fun jewelry craft you can make with your Cricut. I’ve found that the easiest way to make wood earrings is to use wood veneer.

Often, they are made of genuine wood, which makes them super smooth and easy to work with. Check out my wood veneer earrings tutorial (with free templates) to get started on your wooden earring crafts!

I have another tutorial on how to cut wood to make earrings but you will need a Cricut Maker to cut wood sheets. From working with the veneers, I found that you can see the natural grain very well. This means every project comes out looking unique. If you’re looking for a veneer with more grain, Walnut wood is a great option. However, this can be more fragile, so it’s important to handle these pieces with care.

Next, I also included these cactus wooden earring templates. For this Cricut basswood project, I used acrylic paint and added iron-on golden specks to resemble the cacti needles. Since the basswood is thicker than leather and veneer materials, I’d recommend using your Cricut to make the holes for the earring dangles.

DIY Acrylic Earrings

Earring Card Holder

Additionally, you can make these earring display cards with Cricut. I think this is a perfect way to top off your handmade gift. Plus, it makes for cute handmade packaging as well. I’ve found these work better than traditional hanging earring holders because the pop-up design allows them to stand on their own.

If you’re giving these for a birthday or other special occasion, you even personalize the design with the person’s name or a Cricut happy birthday message.

Metal Earrings

You can’t actually cut metal with the Cricut but you can make faux metal earrings and other accessories. To get started on these DIY faux metallic jewelry, I recommend purchasing metallic permanent vinyl or mylar sheets. Check out my tutorial on how to make faux metal jewelry with the Cricut.

If you already have some metal blanks, check out my tutorial on how to engrave metal jewelry here. You can use the Cricut Engraving tool to inscribe a name or message into metal or acetate material. The Engraving Tip uses a tiny metal point to press your design into the metal.

I love how this creates a personalized etching and permanent imprint into the design. When you attach it to a matching necklace chain and add other charms, it looks like a professionally made necklace. Your friends and family are definitely going to be impressed when you tell them you made it.

Tassel Earrings

Furthermore, DIY leather tassel earrings are another Cricut jewelry idea you can make from home. Once I cut out the tassel template SVGs, I found that the piece was wanting to stay curled. Since I didn’t want the fringe tassels to be curled, I decided to flatten the faux leather fringe pieces. To do this, you can use a Cricut EasyPress mat or an iron. Of course, you can also place a book or other heavier flat object on top of the faux leather pieces until it’s flat.

Personally, I love adding a top piece of leather, ribbon, or metallic to create a wrap-around at the top. I think this makes the DIY leather tassel design really come together, especially if you can match it to the wire earring hook.

Polymer Clay Earrings

Yes, you can actually cut polymer clay (both wet and dry) with the Cricut. Be sure to check out my tutorial for tips and tricks to cut the clay. I found that working with this material is a lot like working with fondant for baking.

There are plenty of Cricut jewelry ideas you can make with your Cricut cutting machine. Whether you’re looking to make leather, wooden, metal, or polymer clay crafts, there are plenty of designs to get started.

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cricut jewelry ideas
cricut jewelry ideas
cricut jewelry ideas

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