HTV on Polyester

This is a tutorial on how to do iron projects for synthetic materials.

I was on a filigree kick for a while and converted one of my designs to a pattern suitable for a throw pillow.

It actually turned out really well and looks super elegant on my couch.

It turned out to be quite an easy project. The best part of making iron-on with throw pillows is you don’t have to worry about the HTV peeling off too much because it doesn’t get washed as frequently.

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Materials for Filigree Throw Pillows

Iron On Vinyl (HTV) – I just the white sheet in the best rated assorted HTV vinyl set from Amazon.

Iron or Heat Press – I used an iron but apparently this is the best seller Heat Press on Amazon.

Pillow Case – I love the look of navy and white. Here is a really affordable set of navy pillow cases from Amazon.

Cutting Machine – I use a Cricut. Check out my recommendations for Cricut machines and accessories for beginners for more info.

Template – I’ve included 2 FREE filigree designs in this set which are available in my resource library.

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    HTV on Polyester

    Tips for Iron-on Polyester

    Use the Teflon Sheet that comes with the HTV

    HTV on Polyester

    I just did a corner of the design at a time because it fit underneath the iron.

    I left the stuffing in because it provided extra counter pressure for the iron in. If the pillow case is a little wrinkled, just iron it first to flatten uneven texture.

    HTV on Polyester Temperature Setting

    You want to use a low temperature for polyester because it burns easily. I put it on the synthetics setting with my iron which is about 280 deg F.

    I then go in 10 to 15 seconds increments. I check to see if the design sticks after each round.

    Warm Peel HTV on Polyester

    It is important to take the transfer paper off when the HTV is still warm. You don’t want it sticking back on to the transfer sheet as it cools.

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    cricut maker home decor, cricut projects for beginners, things to make with vinyl fabric
    cricut maker home decor, cricut projects for beginners, things to make with vinyl fabric

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